Who we are ?

Hermès Advisory is a consulting firm based in Mauritius with an office in Paris and London. Founded by Joël Rault when he ended his position as Ambassador of Mauritius in France, Hermès Advisory filled a gap between the operators and their traditional markets and partners. There was a clear need for an intermediary with influence, visibility, privileged access and administrative ease.

Multidisciplinary expert, Joël Rault, taught international law and legal strategy for several French universities and tertiary institutions. He was later appointed as Director of Tourism in Mauritius where he co-drafted the Tourism Authority Act, the legislative norm governing the whole of the tourism sector of the island. As successively Special Adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, he developed expertise in all economic sectors.

Joël Rault was a member of the Board of Directors of one of the largest banks in the Indian Ocean when he was appointed as Ambassador of the Republic of Mauritius to France, Portugal, Italy and Spain with extended competence on Economic relations with in Africa.

It is because of this proficiency in the public and private sectors that Hermès Advisory offers its expertise.

Hermès Advisory is the best advisor to help you grow and develop. Having mastered both the public sector’s impulses and the ability to reason with a private sector mind-set, we know how to make decisions and convey powerful messages to your interlocutors.

We have a network of influential economic, political and administrative decision-makers from all sectors, giving us a global outlook of the business environment.

The high visibility of Hermès Advisory makes it a private embassy which intervenes in the development of economic growth models with high added value.

Our values

Our proactive and comprehensive approach lets us recognize the identity and individuality of each client and their need to achieve excellence. What sets us apart from all competition is our commitment to support every customer, whenever they need us.

This client-focused approach ensures that all global practices and client services follow consistent logic, standards, protocols and processes in order to achieve high-impact results. We facilitate the steady flow of information and ideas, cultivate team spirit and monitor major developments relevant to value creation that our customers are looking for.