Towards a Private Embassy, at the service of economic growth.

Extract: "A firm whose mission is to bring decision-makers together in the line of Hermes, the messenger of the Gods. A firm at the service of economic relations between pragmatic actors wishing to grow internationally and…

Ship Registration

Extract: Mauritius has been considered for centuries as "the star and key of the Indian Ocean", given its importance as a port of call on the spice route. Port Louis is still a very important port in the region due to its…

Taxation in Mauritius

Extract : Every country exercises its sovereignty by choosing a tax system adapted to its needs and ambitions. For the past ten years, the Republic of Mauritius has chosen a simple, lowered tax system which has resulted in a…

Buy, invest, become a Mauritian resident.pdf

Extract : Buying, investing, and living in Mauritius is an accessible dream. The beaches, the lagoons and the pleasant temperature all year round are only the foundations of this tropical paradise. But living in Mauritius…

Mauritius: the gateway to Africa

Extract : The African continent is undoubtedly the continent with the most latent opportunities and represents an essential link for any organization wishing to extend its activities to the planetary level. But this continent, although…

Why create your company in Mauritius?

Extract : Mauritius is the undisputed benchmark for economic development in Africa. It has reached the status of upper middle- income country with a GDP per capita of USD 9200. Read our factsheet : "Why create your company…