CSR and Sustainable Development

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a critical challenge for any organization that projects itself into the future. The stakes involved in conducting an activity and its impact on people and the environment are issues that require involvement from any company.

The time when societal consideration was only a minimal effort to improve the image of an organization is now over. Public and private sector leaders, non-governmental organizations and citizens now see sustainable development and the social responsibility of organizations as a major pillar that ensures a certain sustainability of activity.

We must ensure that companies and brands have a positive impact on their economic and social environment while developing their business. The idea is to be able to emancipate the business without jeopardizing future generations by using this societal movement as an economic channel in itself.

Hermès Advisory will accompany you to create and promote your social responsibility strategy so that it is not an expense, but rather an investment for value creation. This strategy will be an additional argument and a competitive advantage in promoting your organization.

The approach is based on three axes:

  • Determining a strategy to minimize the impacts of the organization’s activities on the environment and the population. This is done by reviewing the processes and by communicating strategically to inform the interlocutors directly and indirectly about your achievements and ambitions.

  • Using the actions outlined in the above strategy to give value to your organization and build a competitive advantage. The reasoned societal argument will increase the value of your organization

  • Considering societal and environmental approaches as new industrial and commercial opportunities for your organization.

We will bring together the best advisors to accompany you in this new philosophy. We will establish links with relevant stakeholder networks and consider opportunities to involve them in the development of your strategy. We will anticipate environmental, political and social developments to better plan your present and future actions.