Sovereign advisory and institutional advice

The economic development of a country requires a constant questioning of its institutions and how they function. To reduce the gap between developed and developing countries, emerging countries need to think about new, more modern and more efficient models of operation.

This questioning and realignment requires courageous decisions based on objective and pragmatic findings. Independent reflection by experienced professionals and the transposition of programmes that have already proved their worth are the elements that will allow this paradigm shift.

Hermès Advisory advises and assists governments in the development of public policies to promote growth. We have extensive experience in political, economic and administrative reforms that provide the foundation for an enabling business environment.

As a partner in the drafting of economic legislation, finance legislation and economic development, we have built up a specialized competence that we can adapt to the needs of emerging countries.

  • Hermès Advisory ensures the link between the policies developed and the expectations of civil society. We work with governments in the development of their monetary and fiscal policies, and with social and environmental policies. We advise governments on their public spending policies and provide broad macroeconomic advice. We include a communication and public relations component in all our proposals to ensure that third parties integrate and adhere to the company project right from the start.

  • Our missions also have a political significance, in the sense that we develop economic arguments for the government’s electoral program by projecting an ambitious, independent and systematic vision of the economic future of the country.

  • A government remains sovereign in its decisions, but our role is to reconcile the expectations of the international community such as banks, rating agencies or the IMF with the economic and domestic realities of our clients. We establish links and bridges of cooperation between states and international finance players and make the financial image of our clients credible on the international scene.

Our network enables us to build teams of finance experts, high-level officials, economists and top performers to accompany states in their economic empowerment.

We coordinate the actions of our partners so that the strategy developed is in line with the philosophy of the current government.

Hermès Advisory and its partners act in the economic, financial, geopolitical, diplomatic and political spheres to promote the emancipation of states wishing to rethink their development models.