Business development and globalisation

The 21st century world is obviously smaller than that of the 20th century.

The digital revolution, telecommunications, the multiplication of airports, airlines and air frequencies of today mean that very few regions or countries seem inaccessible for a company wishing to expand internationally.

In addition, the increasing number of competitors in the same segment, the increase in production costs and the erosion of customers are prompting companies to think of geographic expansion outside their local, national or even continental borders. A global vision of business is paramount to keeping its place in this dynamic world.

But any development implies risk- taking and, above all, management of these risks upstream. Although developing markets are economically attractive, the business environment is not always in line with expectations.

Hermès Advisory helps you to define a pragmatic vision at a local level to face foreign competition, cost management and the trimming of market shares.

This involves questioning the economic model by revisiting the image, the visibility, and the positioning, among other factors. This also implies the outsourcing of policies to meet rising production costs.

Hermès Advisory proposes to accompany you internationally in the development of your business development strategy and to follow you at every stage of your implementation until your operations are in full performance.

  • We establish a coherent strategy to suit your business philosophy, in order to deal with your new public, private or even political environment. Hermès Advisory will analyse and adapt your business model to facilitate your installation in relation to any pre-established competition.

  • We implement new avenues of cooperation and production in order to benefit from the wave of economic growth in emerging countries. Hermès Advisory will be your preferred adviser in the identification of credible players and partners, as well as the exploration of merger and acquisition opportunities.

  • We nurture a reliable administrative, political, diplomatic and economic network to provide you with the indications, trends and opinions that will enable you to better shape your positioning and actions.

Hermès Advisory will help you to rethink, globalize and perpetuate your economic and operational model by selecting the right interlocutors and the right partners to achieve your objectives.