Development strategy and transformations

The world is increasingly dynamic and competitive. Markets are volatile and traditional economic models are undermined by new and changing environments and players.

It is not only important to adapt to this new hyper-competitive ecosystem, but it is also important to prepare to change with it in the short, medium or long term. Hermès Advisory supports you in adapting your operational model and in preparing it to proactively adapt to new challenges.

We will be at your side to establish your development strategy at a local, national or global level. Together, we will take stock of your strengths and weaknesses in order to uncover these modus operandi that will allow you to distinguish yourself from your traditional and new competitors. Your direct comparative advantages, such as your brand or your operating models, will be valued by highlighting your ability to adapt to the new market rules before the competition does.

Hermès Advisory will use its network of professionals and influencers to support your strategy and to enhance your organization in your ambitions of transformation. It is important to create, elaborate and adapt strategies that will generate the expected change.

We develop transformation projects tailored to your needs by taking stock of your business and projecting a short, medium and long term objective to identify the effort required to complete this change. We build a transformation path to achieve the objective while gradually financing the costs of processing.

  • These projects take into account the competitive position and markets of the company, and propose changes in internal and organizational processes. We outline our strategies for strengthening the capital structure and treasury as well as long-term financial plans.

  • Once the project is adopted, we segment and identify the various levers that will enable us to act discreetly without upsetting the current affairs of the organization in transformation.

  • Finally comes the implementation of the established plan and the introduction of suitable managers and leaders who understand and respect the DNA of the organization. There is nothing worse than ending up with a transformed but distorted organization.

We accompany you in the transformation, in the conversation between all parties in the process of change, and in the constant communication of your actions.

Hermès Advisory works with your organization in planning to reach a modern, flexible, efficient and competitive structure that is adapted to your future ambitions.