Representative Offices

The Paris financial centre is a pillar of the world economy, with 1.2 million direct and indirect jobs and 300 billion euros of financing for companies in 2015. At the crossroads between high-income countries and emerging markets, Paris offers an exceptional platform for companies wishing to have a global approach to their activities.

But to settle in Paris may require considerable and sometimes disproportionate means compared to the expected return on investment. It is a capital that is certainly rich in opportunities, but the operating costs of a structure that is not fully exploited are often unaffordable.

With a firm based in Paris, Hermès Advisory proposes to represent companies that would like to have a presence in France without having to bear the full operating costs.

This offer is aimed at SMEs as well as large companies. Our clients include individual entities, groups, associations or economic interest groupings.

We adapt our offer to customer requests so that we can offer them an optimal service that brings them back a certain added value.

Hermès Advisory offers you a permanency in Paris in the network that best suits your needs to promote your brand and your activities and support your interests, whether individual or mutual.

We offer representations at different levels to meet the needs of our clients.

  • We offer a full representation to companies who request it, to suit their ambitions and their means. We provide a real legal presence with a legal entity separate from Hermès Advisory, and offices and staff fully dedicated to the client’s business.

  • We also offer partial representations which imply that the customer is hosted by the legal entity of Hermès Advisory who places the customer’s brand forward. This allows for visibility of the brand without administrative constraints. Dedicated or shared staff can be recruited or made available to participate in the activity of the company.

  • We also offer occasional representations for companies wishing to be represented for specific events or situations. It is very complicated to prepare a splash or an event from abroad; We propose to organize the one-shot presence of our customers according to pre-established specifications.

At Hermès Advisory, we accompany and represent our clients in meetings, consultations and negotiations if necessary. We use our high visibility and our Parisian footprint to ensure that our clients have a presence proportionate to their projects.

We provide follow-up, monitoring and presence while maintaining the relationship with our clients’ interlocutors and developing new coherent networks.