Legal and tax optimization

    When a company is expanding overseas, it is important that it is protected from the various risks and threats that could compromise its activities. Many of the risks can be cancelled, controlled or minimized through well-planned legal structures registered in appropriate financial centres.

    In addition, legal optimization must be accompanied by tax optimization in order to counteract the perverse effects of double taxation or excessive taxation.

    Hermès Advisory will be at your side to accompany you and advise you in your choices.

    • We will accompany you first of all in the choice of jurisdiction in which to incorporate your company. Investing in a country does not necessarily mean using all of its integral structures. There are often partner countries through which we can structure your investments so that all risks are not borne within the same state. We will identify those states that have relevant bilateral or multilateral relations and investment protection agreements to protect you from expropriation and social unrest.

    • We will also guide you in the choice of your legal structure so that the political, administrative, legal, social and fiscal implications are controlled. To do this, we will bring together the best advisors to develop an integrated legal strategy adapted to your global problems. The use of international arbitration in case of disputes, and the selection of the arbitration centre, will be part of our advice.

    • Hermès Advisory will also support you in assessing your international tax strategy. We will put our most reputable partners at your service to optimize the tax impact of your activities. We will study the scope of the treaties signed with the host country to avoid double taxation, among other factors.

    We evaluate legal and tax strategies in parallel with your economic and commercial strategies. We advise you on the choice of countries with political, social and economic stability, as well as jurisdictions that are conducive to investment through internationally recognized rules and regulations.

    Our extensive network, our knowledge of the field and our experience of these issues make us an ideal partner to accompany you in your restructuring and international expansion.