Strategic communication and public relations

Strategic communication is the art of altering perceptions and changing the behaviour of all entities that look or could look at your organization or your activities. This communication is developed and maintained through direct and indirect actions intended for your audiences.

It is about positioning your brand and promoting your activities around the world through cross- cutting and coherent messages that will be heard and understood by all political, institutional and civilian strata.

Hermès Advisory’s action is at the crossroads of public affairs, positive communication, influence and public relations. We build coherent and persuasive arguments and scenarios that will catch the attention of the audience and help them understand your economic or political action

These actions, which are intended to construct and transmit discourse, cannot be optimal if they have no human relation. We maintain a network of political, economic and media influencers and decision- makers who will enhance this message and relay it in the relevant decision-making spheres.

We develop this communication strategy first by ensuring that the founding elements of convincing speech are united.

This is based on the three appeals of Aristotle’s rhetoric:

  • First, we focus on logos. We establish an objectively Cartesian argument, the substance of which cannot be dismantled. We make sure that all the arguments put forward are rational and methodical so that they are not vulnerable on their logic.

  • We also work on the ethos of your speech, to demonstrate that you share values with your audience. We demonstrate that what you have to say is important and interesting. We will establish your authority and credibility while persuading the audience of your recognition of their ideas or claims.

  • We also engage your audience and their emotions by motivating them to care about the issue you are raising. We use pathos to demonstrate that you understand and care for the audience.

Hermès Advisory will be at your side to establish a message and an image. We will learn about your audience, and help you prepare your communication and distribute your message to them.