Mergers, Acquisitions and Private Equity

In its classical evolution, an enterprise may be confronted with acquisition, sale, reconciliation and restructuring transactions.

For these operations to be successful, it is important to be accompanied during preparatory procedures, during the negotiations and even beyond the signing of the contractual documents.

Any operation must primarily enhance the value of the company, and it is important to think about how to bring value to the acquired assets. For greater value, the company must consider its current and future investments in an integrated and accessible way. We work with you to help you develop a coherent investment strategy.

Moreover, our visibility and our proximity with privileged interlocutors allow us to help you transfer all or part of your organization at a preserved value. We have the means to propagate information instantaneously on any proposed disinvestment or demerger.

  • We develop this strategy by integrating potential targets that are compatible with your philosophy and growth opportunities. These targets are carefully identified, approached and monitored to provide coherent options. We undertake in advance a systematic, strategic due diligence to limit your risks.

  • Hermès Advisory is also present during the integration phases once the contractual documentation has been signed. The integration of two or more entities – the economic, social and philosophical fusion – requires significant managerial skills that companies often lack. We intervene to ensure a smooth transition and optimal functioning of the new entity.

  • Our visibility, our knowledge of the players and our network of professionals give us an advantage. We are aware of current and potential opportunities and are well positioned to select credible partners that are suited to your joint ventures or alliances strategies.

Hermès Advisory will assist you at all levels and ensure that the right professionals are by your side. There is no off-the-shelf team: our teams are specifically tailored to the philosophy of each company and aligned with its vision.

We are therefore at your disposal for all your merger, acquisition or capital search operations and we are committed to distributing your information in the best networks, on all continents.