Public affairs and lobbying

Hermès Advisory escorts you in your relations with various administrative and political institutions and organizations in order to constantly maintain a constructive dialogue with your interlocutors. We support you in creating true public-private partnerships that reconcile your economic and political interests.

In combining upstream information and influence, we analyse the trends and opinions of your interlocutors in order to propose creative strategic approaches to achieve your objectives.

It is becoming less and less conceivable to grow in total isolation from political, administrative and non-governmental forces.

With the popularization of communication and social networks, the population is more involved and influential than ever. This puts more pressure on both businesses and policy makers. It is essential to establish and maintain relationships with these players in order to familiarize them with your philosophy and ambitions.

These public affairs and lobbying actions are equally important in developing markets (which account for 80% of global growth) and in developed markets, although approaches may vary.

The classic action revolves around three axes:

  • The management of political relations at local, national and international levels. This involves constructing a transversal argument heard by all political strata in order to foster collaboration. Reinforcing these messages requires strong multi- media campaigns that empower and engage all parties.

  • Managing public opinion and non-governmental organizations. Hermès Advisory accompanies you in public awareness and perception changes. This involves actions which enhance credibility in order to influence the perceptions of the audience.

  • Strategic brainstorming and intelligence gathering. Grasping and mastering your environment while evaluating the potential risks and the possible evolutions likely to affect your initiatives.

Hermès Advisory offers an inclusive approach to managing perceptions and behaviours by integrating your personal strategy to create a beneficial environment for your projects.