Negotiation and Persuasion

At some stage, every organization finds itself obliged to initiate a dialogue to resolve disputes, to agree on a course of action, to negotiate an individual or a collective advantage, or to develop processes to satisfy various interests.

But negotiation is a practice that requires experience, thorough knowledge of the organization, independence and a certain distance for objectivity.

  • Hermès Advisory proposes to accompany you first of all in establishing your objectives in the negotiation. It’s important to identify an ideal conclusion to the deal. This makes it possible to always focus on the desired goal, but also to expose its argument in a more assured and convincing way.

  • But in a negotiation, there are always compromises. The next step is determining the dynamic environment; one must sometimes sacrifice some accessories to reinforce the substantial. To do this, we help you to construct a reasoning and to consider the situations that could arise.

  • This preparation is essential. In negotiation, any false assertion would discredit you and make you vulnerable. We will be at your side to dissect the smallest details of the stake and to prioritize the substantial elements.

  • As we work independently with your current business, we also have the opportunity to open informal discussions on your behalf with the other party at the bargaining table to understand their priorities, which could later help if negotiations intensify.

  • We are also in a better position to demonstrate to the other party that the deal is fair and what it itself stands to gain to conclude. Our detachment is a reassuring medium to exchange points of view between the interlocutors. Knowing what is important for the other parties involved helps to better understand their values and limitations.

  • We also ensure that the terms of the agreement are immediately and fully embodied, and recognized in an authentic written agreement of the conclusions and the deal.

Hermès Advisory is the ideal partner to support you in the conduct of your transactions and give you the maximum chance of reaching an agreement that meets your ambitions.